Review/Field Measure/As Found

For this phase prior to Field Measuring we will consult with the local officials and regulating agencies to determine all zoning requirements, existing easements/encroachments, conservation/environmental impacts, laws and bylaws regarding your property. For the Field Measure and As Found phase of the process it will depend on your specific project but Matthews Design will measure the existing house to produce as-found drawings in AutoCad format, including foundation/basement, main floor, second floor, roof plan, and exterior elevations as necessary for your project.

These drawings are used to start the design phase determining existing foundation, structure, layout, roof lines and window locations. These plans are also used for area calculations required by the Town and also for heat loss calculations or septic calculations. As well we will transfer your existing information from a survey/site plan you provide into AutoCAD. The zoning and setback information will be added to this drawing as it is a requirement for the permit submission.